Charles Redfern is a veteran clergyman, journalist, and community leader.  He has written extensively about the intersection of religion, culture, and politics, with a focus on the growing concern for the environment and social justice among evangelical Christians.  His articles have been published in Creedible.com (now Hartford FAVs), Huffington Post, Truthout, Christian Ethics Today, Sojourners, StackStreet, and Beloved Planet.  He has served on local governmental boards and sits on steering committee for The Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs. He has been a spokesman and panelist at state and national gatherings on religion and climate change.

All of which sounds very impressive.  This page, however, focuses on his faith as he walks through the vicissitudes of life, including mouth cancer – which, for now at least, has robbed him of his ability as a public speaker.  It’s a “first draft” kind of page, a page he hopes not too many will read, a page that probably shouldn’t be a page.  But he doesn’t see the point of writing unless a few others read it and he likes writing.  So this page exists for himself and a few friends.


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